About Me

Welcome to Fresh Greens! I'm Lara, the girl behind the counter and camera. I live and work in London, as a freelance food photographer and recipe developer behind Fresh Greens.

What you'll find on Fresh Greens

Fresh Greens is a blog for me to share the edible inspirations from my playtime in the kitchen and my love for whole food ingredients. In this space, you'll find plenty of delicious, vegetarian recipes that use seasonal ingredients to inspire the seasoned cook and novice alike. I find a beautiful thing about being in the kitchen is when you don't overthink things - so there is room for interpretation and your own touch in all of these recipes.

When did my love affair with food begin…

In my free time, the white space in my head is constantly thinking about food. If I’m eating breakfast, I’m already thinking of dinner, or who I should invite next over. A great deal of my cooking inspiration comes from my culture; food is a central part of family life, and although I live in London, my parents grew up in Iraq so over the years my love affair of Middle Eastern cooking, baking and culture really began.

Do you take your own photos?

Yes. Although I knew very little when I started. When I started my blog journey, I never received any training, or expected to be a “food photographer”. If you scroll back to the beginning of the blog, you’ll see the evolution of where it all began… But, over time, I became more interested in the photography aspect of the blog, as it allows me to express my creativity in the form of food. 

The photos you see in this blog are taken by Canon EOS 750d DSLR & most recently Canon 5D Mark IV.