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Thai Cashew Salad

With all these glorious fresh greens ready to enjoy in the summer now, I thought I better come up with a killer way to eat them day after day. I have been craving something with big taste, something with ka-pow! And my totally boss mix of Thai flavours fits the bill for sure!

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Lentil and Aubergine Salad

The star of the show includes my favourite, earthy flavours from the Middle East - tahini, olive oil, pomegranate molasses. Totally outstanding, yet unexpected. Once you combine the ingredients together, the flavours harmonise perfectly with the sauteed red onion, aubergine, pumpkin seeds and watercress.

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Beetroot and Sweet Potato Dip

This vibrant dip from Falastin: A Cookbook is flavoured with allspice and cinnamon, and topped with feta, labneh, and a nutty salsa. Serve it as a snack or as part of a sharing feast.

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