Tempeh Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

Ok, so everyone needs a good, classic stir fry recipe in their quick dinner archives book, and I think this should be the one. It comes together in just 30 minutes, uses up leftover vegetables from the week, is rich in protein and, delivers big flavour. What’s not to love?

4 Reasons This Is Best Stir Fry Recipe of All.
  1. Let’s talk about tempeh. I recommend you get the best quality that is firm, meaty texture and unrefined. My go-to is the organic, smoked soy tempeh from Veo World - super versatile, and can be used in numerous dishes. 
  2. The beloved Tempeh. Tempeh is rich is prebiotics which have been known to promote gut health. It also has a range of other health benefits, including iron and calcium. 
  3. Homemade Peanut Butter sauce speaks for itself - it's super savoury, nutty and damn delicious in just about anything. 
  4. You can make it ahead of time! Like, way ahead. Fry the veg the day before you’d like to serve it, and leave it tightly wrapped in plastic wrap in the fridge until dinner time.